The Marine Resources Committee 2023

Our mission is to protect and restore the marine waters, habitats and species of the Salish Sea to achieve ecosystem health and sustainable resource use.

About us

The San Juan County Marine Resources Committee (MRC) began in 1996 as a grassroots effort to establish local management of marine resources. 

Representatives from San Juan County, Tribal governments, the Port of Friday Harbor, commercial and recreational fishing, the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Labs, environmental organizations, local businesses, and residents bring a diversity of perspectives and expertise to the San Juan MRC.

San Juan County MRC works toward the achievement of our mission by:

  • Advising the San Juan County Council on marine resource issues
  • Participating in local and regional processes affecting marine resource management
  • Developing resources for local marine science and ecosystem recovery projects
  • Education and Outreach to raise awareness and engage citizens in marine issues
  • Managing marine preservation and recovery project