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Marine Resources Committee


SJC Marine Resources Committee

Northwest Straits Regional Affiliates

The seven county-based Marine Resource Committees in the Puget Sound region are supported by federal funding through the Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative. The MRCs develop and accomplish restoration and conservation projects that meet performance benchmarks, engaging many community members in the process. The Northwest Straits Commission coordinates these efforts. 

Marine Resource Committees

San Juan County Collaborators 

Many of these organizations also train and coordinate volunteer efforts, check out the links to learn more

Tribal Collaborators

Annual Reports




Puget Sound Partnership Action Plan

Marine Stewardship Area

San Juan County Marine Stewardship Plan

Resolution Adopting the San Juan County Marine Stewardship Plan

Resolution Adopting the San Juan County Volunteer Marine Stewardship Area

The Marine Stewardship Area in County Code

Presidential Order Establishing Marine Protected Areas



Transborder Agreement

Transborder Island Agreement between Islands Trust and San Juan County

MRC Memorandum For the Renewal of Transborder Cooperation on Marine Stewardship


Salmon Citizen Advisory Group

The Committee that serves as the MRC also wears another hat at the Salmon Citizen Advisory Group serving as the Lead Entity citizens committee for selecting projects that help salmon recovery in San Juan County.  Following each MRC meeting, the Salmon Citizen Advisory Group convenes to discuss and score projects.

What is the role of the Salmon Citizen Advisory Group as a Lead Entity to Salmon Recovery 

The Washington State Law on the Salmon Citizen Advisory Group Lead Entity


Related Documents

Ordinance Restricting the Use of Personal Watercraft

San Juan County Oil Spill Risk Consequences Assessment and ERTV Cost Evaluation

Vessel Drift and Response Analysis for the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the southern Strait of Georgia